0 64 Years Ago on Nagasaki

Let the battle that never happened before to teach us the meaning of peace ... We are from kengkawan blogspot is like peace. Look at what happened as a result of human folly which have fought each other
why war involving the public?

Why the war between the army did not occur among the military?

why and why it continues to happen?

should not want to show the greatness of an innocent person

you would be angry if you have a terrorist, but why you can terrorize the place of others?

war will not stop if we have the nature of evil .. do not think anyone

We enjoyed seeing the historical materials and great human suffering like this but accept that violence, whether they like what is going on themselves and their families are not guilty?

Enough .... do not we fight the Lord of the world ... let us unite in building our identity as a good man among us

I call upon the world and myself ... let us come together united with one another regardless of race or religion ... let us make the best of planet earth .. maybe there are other beings on other planets will see how good our people earth. cultivate in ourselves the good qualities that character we will be better!


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