0 4 months left until Lotus Elise raffle

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4 months left until Lotus Elise raffle
InstaForex Company delivers a brand new trading service on Forex market
4 months left until Lotus Elise raffleThe InstaForex contest and campaign administrators remind all its customers that few months are left until the final of InstaForex Lotus campaign. One of the famous Lotus flagships is awaiting its owner!
Hurry up! Remember, you have all the chances to win this Lotus legend of automobile world that was declared the best 2010 car in the following nominations: “manoeuvrability”, “acceleration capacity”, “the car of the year” and many more.
If you are already taking part in this campaign, you can increase your chances by opening several trading accounts and registering them within the campaign. Open more than one trading account within the InstaForex Lotus campaign and boost your chances 5-, 10- , 50-fold!
Right now not wasting time you can try your chances of success on the page "Count your chances of winning Lotus" on the official website of InstaForex Company.
The Lotus Elise raffle is totally transparent and absolutely fair, which holds true of both principles of conducting it and determining the winners. The winner is announced proceeding from the currency rates only which makes any illegal manipulations impossible. No one is able to predict what the currency rates and the lucky number will be. So, you may well be the one to have the keys of a marvellous Lotus Elise sports car!

Feel the speed of trading with InstaForex and speed of driving with Lotus!

Sincerely, Clients Service

If you have any questions you can make a phone call using one of the Instaforex Toll free numbersright now:

USA and Canada1-888-472-1855
Malaysia (Кuala Lumpur)1-800-883-810
Malaysia (Johor Bahru)1-800-882-528
Other countries+7-4012-763-051, +7-4012-751-961

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Kaliningrad, Russia
E-mail: support@instaforex.com
Web: http://instaforex.com
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