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Ahmadiyaa Children On The Fringe Of Heaven

About 5 years, 36 families of Jemaah Ahmadiyya becames refugess at Transito Dormitory in Mataram, West
Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, because the act of anarchic citizens in their homes. Mataram, Indonesia. 09/02/2011

Until now there has been no resolution to resolve the problem of Ahmadiyaa fellowers. The conditions become very unfavorable for the survival of Ahmadiyaa fellowers, especially children.
In Transito Dormitory there are 136 people, dozens of whom are infants and children. The conditions of infants and children should get more attention in order to have a better future, but it has not received attention. They live, rest, play in an environment that is unclean and prone to illness. Fortunately, more than 30 children are taking education from elementary until senior high school. But, learning facilities in Transito Dormitory need more attention from the government.
According to Nasiruddin Ahmad, one of Ahmadiyaa leaders, the electricity they can enjoy with self generated funds from member of Jemaah Ahmadiyaa. He said “Three years theres no electricity, how children can learn well?” In addition, since they in Transito Dormitory, has four times the water channel is disconnected.
Regardless of any such conditions, Ahmadiyya fellowers in Transito Dormitory was deeply enjoy being on the fringe of their heaven. Similarly, infants and children who still can play and smile.


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