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Excellent anti-cancer eating grass Dayton Education Act Liu Lian-Hui hope to benefit more patients suffering
At 12:53 on April 7, 2011

(Pacific News 6) Dayton grass can be excellent news cancer, the risk of lymphoma associated rehabilitation Pacific Liu Hui, yesterday received a 400 call asking, asking how and where you can find to eat were excellent in Dayton grass.
Cotton grass can be excellent newspaper Logout cancer news, cancer are designed to allow Washington to try excellent grass, hoping to overcome cancer and lead a new life, after all, cancer is a sad thing. Mr. Liu Lianhui cancer who have eaten a lot of advantages because the grass recovered after Dayton, introduced the public more confidence to try. Doctors refer to his cancer had already lost 96%, 4 March this year, give the doctor to examine, the doctor told him he had 100% recovery.
Half of those who disappeared a month later
In addition to his own rehabilitation of lymphoma patients, suffering from liver cancer, nasal cancer, uterine cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer patients who, in the grass to eat after Dayton excellent recovery. Rehabilitation of patients at different times, some of the minor who eat for four days, cancer is gone, the latest for a month and a half, cancer is gone.
Reader response, want to know where you can get excellent how to eat grass and Dayton. Newspaper reports today, for further in order to give readers more clearly how to eat grass Dayton excellent.
Dayton excellent eat grass as follows:

1: healthy people, you can eat nine, into the nozzle in chewing or a green apple add some water, then stir into the blender to drink, fresh drink will after stirring, not until after store drink. One drink per day can, eat before drinking.
2: The first phase of cancer by day 50.
3: Phase II cancer who, every day 100.
4: Phase III cancer who, day 150.
5: IV cancer who, day 300.

Do not eat the best penetration of other drugs
Liu said that the role of superior efficacy of Dayton is clear grass elimination of tumor blood detoxification. Take priority in Dayton during the grass, it is best not to eat tainted other drugs, only to see its effect.
He said that the sick patient to eat grass during the excellent Dayton, and also taking the Chinese medicine, the result no improvement in the disease, but only drink Dayton excellent grass, the situation is improved, while the post-Dayton drink excellent grass.
Send thousands of people do not charge a penny grass
Mr Lau said he sent before and after the grass has excellent Dayton thousand people, is also not charge a penny to help people from cancer cancer and lead a new life.
Mr. Liu Lianhui stressed that, gifted Dayton Caoju flavonoids, a considerable effect on cancer, are non-toxic wild plants. In 1999, the South China Agricultural University research project application curse for the study of wild South China common nutritional function and toxicity. South China Agricultural University, Department of Vegetable Professor, Department Head Dr. Yang Xian confirmed excellent grass is non-toxic vegetable Dayton, a considerable effect on the cancer.
In addition, readers can also access this page on the excellent Dayton grass to a better understanding of: cforuml.cari.com.my / forumdisplay.php? fid = 61.
Liu Lian-Hui Phone

Mr. Liu Lianhui contact telephone number is 010-3814643, and its home ground AUTHOR is: 62, TAMAN BUKIT MAS, JALAN MAH POI NU 34000 TAIPING, PERAK. (Gan Wen Ding Mapei Nong Road, Jinshan Garden). To facilitate readers outside Singapore, we inform you when you stand by the Kamunting charges coming out, you will see there is a crossroads opposite the Taiping Zoo Taiping Lake or advertising sign, please go straight down, has arrived at a traffic circle, and then go straight on, you will see ECONSAVE, please onto bridge, not far down the bridge after, you will see Gan Wen Ding Bashi Station, Please go straight on, until the left hand side to see a return church. Then you place the traffic lights at the crossroads, Please go straight and on the left hand side you will see a small talent training, and then some will see the SSL hotel, after the traffic light in front, then go straight and on the left hand side you will see the barracks, while the right hand side there is a way of treating rubbish on the slopes, which means you have reached the Gold Peak Garden, looking for signs and go straight on, to find the home of Mr. Liu Lianhui.

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