0 Nikon D5100

Hot on the heels of the new Canon cameras that were released earlier this year, Nikon have pulled some punches of their own, releasing the brand new Nikon D5100. Nowadays, when it comes to the world of DSLRs, one has to use the phrase "brand new" with a pinch of salt, then most of the time the camera in question is nothing but an incremental upgrade of its predecessor. 

At first glance the Nikon D5100 is just that. Retaining the articulating screen of the D5000 (side instead of bottom hinged now), the D5100 also slaps in a 16.2MP DX CMOS Sensor with the capability to record HD video with autofocus. The D5100 also has 11 AF Points, 4 FPS shooting speed and has a decent ISO range of 100 - 6400 (25600 expanded). 

Aside from a host of physical changed, where it stands out is in the new "Night vision" feature, letting you shoot images at 102400 ISO, allowing you to have your own one night in Paris, as well as a host of other effects modes including HDR, previously not included in the D5000. The D5100 also supports the new ME-1 microphone, which mounted on the hotshoe allows for better quality sound to go with your spiffy new 1080p video. This addresses the age old problem of hearing the damn autofocus when you're trying to shoot video because the mic on older cameras are just terrible. 

No word on official availability and localised pricing, but from the stateside news sites, we are looking at under US$1000 for the camera which is not anything surprising. We'll have more news for you when we get it from Nikon Malaysia in the near future.

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