0 Symbol of America: Mrs. Liberty

In the Paris studio of French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi Statue of Liberty in August created piece by piece. Original name of sculpture, created in about 1880, sounds like "Liberty enlightens the world." It was a gift to America from the people of France to celebrate the anniversary of the Franco-American alliance, which has contributed to the victory of the American Revolution.
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1. In the studio Bartholdy.

2. Meeting with the times. The head of the Statue of Liberty is exhibited in the garden of the Champ de Mars at the World Fair in Paris to show support and contribution of the French people in this important project. Photo taken in 1878.

3. Torch of Liberty in Philadelphia. Arm and torch of the Statue of Liberty on display in Philadelphia in honor of the century revolution. To raise money for the completion of the statue and the installation of the pedestal, the community has established a fee of 50 cents for something to climb on the balcony plume.

4. A new beginning. Immigrants who sailed across the ocean, shouts of joy greeted the outlines of New York on the horizon, over which stands proudly Statue of Liberty.

5. Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor in June 1885 aboard the French frigate "Iser." For the transportation of the statue was disassembled for 350 pieces and packed in 214 different containers.

6. American Family, 1930.

7. Statue of Liberty on the opening day of the second front of the Second World War.

8. Respect. March 1951: Arriving in the harbor of New York, French President Vincent Auriol Jules takes off his hat in front of the Statue of Liberty.

9. Liberty crown, 1951.

10. Korean Children's Choir, 1954.

11. Fighting for the Rights, 1960. Sidney Poyter, Harry Belafonte and others during the campaign for civil rights.

12. Harry Belafonte speaks at a rally for the Protection of Civil Rights, 1960.

13. Tourists look out from the windows of the crown of Lady Liberty.

14. Statue of Liberty in Vegas. A copy of the Statue of Liberty was erected in front of the hotel-casino "New York" in Vegas.

15. Bon Voyage! The cruise liner "La France" swims past the Statue of Liberty. U.S. Court greet visitors, emitting fountains.

16. Husband and wife.

17. Independence Day.

18. Moon Path. Waters of the New York harbor, moonlit, lonely slip steam tug. Photo taken in 1946.

19. Searchlight Freedom. These projectors have been installed for the Statue of Liberty March 11, 2002 in honor of mourning, six months after the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center in New York.

20. The original torch, Liberty Island, 2004.

21. Liberty Island reopened in December, 2001. Fellow of the New York firefighters, Ron Parker, who lost their friends and colleagues at the tragedy of 9 / 11, swimming in the Statue of Liberty on the ferry "Miss Liberty". Liberty Island was first opened to visitors after the terrorist attack.

22. The last hole, Pontchartrain Beach, LA.

23. Anti-war demonstration in San Francisco, 2002.

24. Dismantling of the scaffold after cleaning the statue.

25. Famous ships, the New York Harbor. Fireboat welcomed the ship "Bon Voyage", which comes into the harbor of New York. This ship - complete copy of one of the three ships that brought the first British colonists to the shores of America in Jamestown, Va., in 1607.

26. Kangaroos and Lady Liberty. The ferry, which transports tourists to the Statue of Liberty, adorned with colored kangaroo. Photo taken on Dec. 8, 2004. Eleven decorated figures of kangaroos had settled in New York until the day of Australia in America, which was celebrated on Dec. 26, 2005.

27. Freedom of Geronimo Pratt! May 1980: Edwin Drummond and Stephen Rutherford has already climbed to the third to the top of the Statue of Liberty on her back, to hang a banner reading: "Freedom limited - free Geronimo Pratt." Pratt - a former member of the movement the Black Panthers - spent 27 years in prison while his case was considered a murder committed in 1968 in California. In 1997, the court acquitted Pratt, and he was released.

28. Protest against the reform «№ 8, California, 2008. Reform of the State number 8, adopted November 4, 2008, made adjustments to the constitution of California, referring to the order of marriage. Thus, according to the reform, state, recognized only marriages between a man and a woman, placing same-sex marriages illegal. Homosexuals are still struggling with this development with all available means.

29. Battari Park, New York, 2000.

30. Carnival in Germany, in 2009. Carnival platform in Maine, Germany, shows the American president, Barack Obama, who backs the incident Statue of Liberty.

31. Freedom in the night.

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