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Learn-to-user oleg-lenkov wrote in his blog: I've always felt that the production of cheese, it is very difficult and lengthy process. However, having arrived in Sardinia, I witnessed the production of local cheese, ricotta. It turned out that this is not true.
For those who do not know, ricotta is a traditional Italian dairy product, which, unlike most cheeses, prepared not from the milk, and from a special serum, which, in turn, obtained by cooking mozzarella and other cheeses.
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In fact, fresh ricotta cheese is very soft cheese, with incredible taste. The sort that we tried was made from sheep's milk. Name of the cheese is translated from Italian as "double-hot" and it describes, so the cooking process.
A roasted ricotta follows.

1. The milk is placed in a special tank, and brought to a certain temperature.

2. There is added a special serum. As a result of mixing the casein clot formed in the form of cheese and whey. When you boil, milk fats are contracted, and then at 70-90% in serum produced flakes ricotta.

3. Throughout this process, all that is necessary to stir. And as soon as the pieces of flesh, their spread in certain plastic containers with multiple openings.


5. These openings are essential to the milk that is left, left.

6. After that, the rest in a plastic container weight is pushed, and she is given some form. This is the finished cheese.



9. In conclusion, the cheese is removed from there and served on a table.

10. Further, the specially trained people cut the ricotta into small pieces, and offer to try.

11. When I tried this cheese, it was still warm.

12. The organizers of this tasting is also offered poproboyvt local wines, and of course the amazing bread.

13. Especially popular use of local sausage, parma ham and cheese, which was also produced in Sardinia.

14. Also had to taste extra virgin olive oil.

15. After an hour tasting, the mood has improved ...

16. When we went out, we paid attention to the local vineyards. They were so beautiful that the question of why the local wine pokazlos us so good, did not need to answer.

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