0 Photos from the family album of Colonel Gaddafi

Most of us have family albums, photos, depicting important events of our lives. Family deposed the Libyan leader - is no exception. Photographer edition «The New York Times» Tyler Hicks was in residence Muammar Gaddafi in the capital's Bab al-quarter Aziziyah as soon as it seized rebel forces. On reaching the residence, strongly affected by the air strikes NATO, Hicks said Marauder, which comes out of the building things. Among the things Hicks said the unusual albums. Photographer wanted to know where they found the robber. He pointed to the basement of the building. At your own risk and Hicks got into the basement. At this time, the rooms could be heard shouting insurgents, destroying everything that came his arm.

The walls in the basement there were shelves on which were videotapes, albums, awards, folders, documents. Hicks began to look at the archives. Among the hundreds of photos that Gaddafi was captured with the leaders of many countries, met and photos from family archives.

After the overthrow of Iraqi dictator in Baghdad, looters have destroyed valuable records. They have not got the historians. Realising that the fate of the documents from the residence of Gaddafi will meet the same fate, Hicks tried to save anything. Back at the hotel and examining the pictures in his mind did not leave family photos Gaddafi. Who are these men around the colonel and captured in the photographs? Hicks began questioning local residents, but they could not call many people around the colonel in the photographs.

We present you a selection of photos that were saved Tyler Hicks.


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