0 Lukisan Kisah Orgasme Idea Seni Seorang Pelukis Unik Dari Argentina

During orgasm

 Artist from Argentina invented and implemented a rather strange series of portraits of the cotton sheets. These images faces of the girls and young people in the moment of orgasm.

 28-year-old artist from Argentina Diego Beiro ( Diego Beyró ) somewhat surprised the public for his series' paintings. "

With all the spice selected topics, figures there is no vulgarity. Perhaps indeed, in such moments, people become themselves.

"Technique Diego characteristic energy and power coming from his images. His work side by side with academic skills in new technologies. A series of drawings on cloth," Orgasm ", he wrote of people in a moment of ecstasy, carefully traced the smallest details, coming from them, display them uncontrolled emotions. "


And this is how he sees himself as the author:


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