0 Cara tangkap ketam di Brazil.

© REUTERS / Paulo Santos

16/02/2011, Brazil | As soon as people on Earth may get their livelihood. While you yesterday in their offices shifted notes from place to place and klatsat on the keyboard, 39-year-old Jose Benedito crawled along the muddy slush in the mangroves - there, where in the Amazon state of Pará is mixed with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The work of Jose can not be called dream job - every day from morning to evening He preys on crabs.

All day Jose does not let his mouth thick homemade cigarette that helps him get rid of mosquitoes.

The season has long ended, and perform daily rate more difficult.

At the end of the day today's catch is packed and brought to the road - now it has to sell. The day Jose finds about 150 crabs in order to sell them for $ 11 per hundred.

Photos © REUTERS / Paulo Santos


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