0 Makan udang lobster di pulau socotra,yaman.

The Fisherman and the crayfish. Yemen, Socotra island
The Fisherman and the crayfish.

On feeding on Socotra I will write and show you. Running forward and say that the food was quite good, and even very good, but that's not our diet however, from time to time, diluted with delicacies from the sea!

For example, like this.

In Aomak camping on the beach the Indian Ocean as soon as we took shelter with mats, come to us once a fisherman, bent under the weight of his catch.

They were huge, still alive in some places, lobsters! Five pieces.

Well who would not? It was a small - to make a deal before a pleasant state of mind.

Process of trading in photos as it is - in order!

Bargain at $ 50 4 pieces. Everyone came, we figured at 4.5 pounds - not less. Naturally overeat and still left.
Our driver, whom we also expected, proved to be allergic to the meat of spiny lobsters.

Soqotra, Socotra, Ð ¡Ð ¾ Ð º Ð ¾ ÑÑÐ °

To compare the size - a number of my sketches are

Soqotra, Socotra, Ð ¡Ð ¾ Ð º Ð ¾ ÑÑÐ °

Then went the trading process!

"Salanabi !!!!" Hot moments!!

Well, that's a conspiracy!
Fisherman wears a headscarf and ide to the kitchen

And we still went swimming, but wander along the beach!

After some time. gathered under a canopy of people waited for the kitchen ... AND HERE ......

ufff .....

In these trips are very handy any delicious sauces, nuts, olives. A jar of caviar, however, failed.

What can I say to you guys ... it was delicious, but the rumors about vkusnote lobster meat is greatly exaggerated. Shrimp to taste better!

Make corrections in the text-lobster istpavila on lobster! But everything here is just call them lobster. So it'll be in Yemen, ask the lobster-get lobster! -) 

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