0 Animal sculptures

The exhibition of twenty animals on display at the zoo in Cologne. But this is not about living things. They turned into a statue of a German anatomist Gunther von Hagens through a process called plastination.
Plastination is that fat and water are replaced with plastic. In this process, samples are obtained, which can be touched, which does not smell and does not decompose.
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3. The process invented by Von Hagens, involves removing skin from bodies that were visible to the naked muscle tissue, nerves and internal organs, which are covered with synthetic materials that prevent corruption.

4. Angelina Valle - Gunther von Hagens wife - Posing with plastinovannym male gorilla.

5. The exhibition opens April 15 and will last until September 30.

6. Bull.

7. Giraffe.

8. Wild deer.

9. Horse's head.

10. Mountain goat.

11. Prancing stallion.

12. Shark.

13. Plastinirovannaya circulatory system of the horse's head.

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