0 The political situation in Uganda

Uganda's opposition party leader, Russe Besigye, who in the February elections won the most votes after the incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, was injured during a protest against high food prices and fuel prices set by the state. Police opened fire with rubber bullets and used tear gas to disperse more than a thousand protesters led by Besigye, who picketed at the center of the capital.
(13 photos)

1. A small skirmish occurred between police and supporters of Besigye, who going to work, protesting high gas prices.

2. Police beat protesters in Kampala.

3. Ugandsky policeman throws a spray protesters with tear gas.

4. A supporter of opposition leader throws back a tear gas canister.

5. A police spokesman protester kicks in Kampala.

6. Adherent Russe Besigye falls after the attack of an armed policeman.

7. The police beat up a Protestant.

8. Supporters of opposition leader Besigye Russe lie on the tarmac and asked the police to stop shooting at unarmed civilians.

9. Police surrounded the protesters arrested during the demonstration.

10. A detachment of armed police patrolling the streets suburbs of the capital.

11. Paramedic, provides medical care to the wounded in the shoulder demonstrator.

12. People are injured supporter of opposition leader Besigye Russe.

13. Opposition supporters fought back the police when they detained the peaceful demonstrators

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